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The Right Mailing List
gets the Right Results…

Creating Sizable Universes for Consumer Postal Mailers

• Only dollar driven, purchased based consumer data is used in our database.
• Each individual record represents a product purchaser or a paid subscriber or both.
• A uniquely rich, 48 month database of over 183,000,000 total transactional records.
• Records developed specifically for postal mailing direct marketers.

Not all lists are created equal

Sources and Methods

  • Each individual record is sourced from a minimum of two unique list owners.
  • Postal mailing list data from over 400 list owners updated monthly assures recency.
  • Monthly database hygiene assures accuracy.

Active Buyers & Subscribers

  • Each individual has made one or more paid transactions within the past 12 months.
  • More than 65 targeted interest areas.
  • Audience selection characteristics include demographics, psychographics and purchasing profiles.


  • 400+ list owners
  • Updates monthly
  • Average Unit of Sale is $100.00+
  • Online transactions average 65%
  • Up to 48 month seasonal recency

Why Use Healy List Marketing?

Jim Healy

Jim Healy

Simple! We know how to get the job done and get it done right every time!
We provide direct mail lists for consumer catalogers, publishers, financial institutions and seminar providers who consistently trust us to provide them with data that meets our exacting standards, great customer service and in-depth industry knowledge. They know that HLM will confidentially handle the many moving parts of a list order from count request to delivery. And they have confidence that all will go smoothly in a coordinated effort with mailers, ad agencies, list brokers and service bureaus.

With 25+ years in the direct marketing industry, HLM guarantees the job will get done right 100% of the time!

“We love working with great postal data – it is the heart of a direct mailer’s promotion.”

– Jim Healy

Connect With Us Today!

Email or phone one of us to engage in a conversation about increasing the bottom line for your direct mail marketing goals. The more we know about your target market, the better we can match a specific postal mailing list from one or more our branded data products.

Once we know what you are selling and the unique benefits of your product or service, we can work collaboratively with you to present possible selection segmentation and mailing strategies.

The conversation and collaboration will allow us to produce the right list to get you the right results!


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