POSTAL -Always dedicated to providing reliable, affordable, high-quality service, the U.S. Postal Service has recently developed and begun implementing a range of cost-reducing and revenue-generating initiatives to address the effects of the economy and the increased use of electronic communications. For direct marketers, this is still a long standing major channel primarily because the recipient must physically handle the mail at least once.
TELEMARKETING -Using outbound telephone calls primarily for sales and lead generation purposes, telemarketing is a channel in which a sales representative solicits prospective customers to buy products or services either over the phone or through a subsequent face-to-face appointment scheduled during the call. It can also include recorded sales pitches programmed to be played over the phone by way of automatic dialing.
EMAIL -While being economically efficient, email offers an effective channel to segment and customize a direct marketing message.

MOBILE -With 85% of mobile phones having SMS capabilities, text messaging is the dominant method of mobile marketing. However, with more devices carrying “smart-phone” features, mobile can also deliver messages by way of MMS, email, and of course, voice. Moreover, purchasing can be done on smart-phones via mobile internet capabilities. Mobile direct marketing is best applied across the entire customer lifecycle—from initial transaction to CRM to customer support & care.

DATA ENHANCEMENT -Using information from over 900 variables in the HLM database, you can maximize their direct marketing potential by learning more about your current customers and, at the same time, keep your in-house records maintained and updated. State of the art data processing and postal service updates are used for precision in matching and standardizing addresses for increased deliverability. Append email addresses and phone data to your in-house list where they are not available.
TELEPHONE APPENDING -Up-to-date and accurate telephone numbers in your current database help you communicate with your customers faster and more effectively, helping you perform telemarketing campaigns to sell your products and services. With 50,000 changes 6 days a week, appending phone numbers with clean data is integral to a telemarketing effort.
DATA MINING -By applying the data points in our database to the records on your house file, data mining allows you to proactively extract hidden predictive information. Information from your house file, specifically your transactional customer information is matched to our 160,000,000 name, purchase-based transactional database. The more data available from the past and present, the more accurate the model adopted to make predictions about the future.
MODELING -The goal of response modeling is to either increase response rates to a given solicitation quantity or reduce the solicitation quantity without suffering a drop in response rates. This means you can control and use models to drive up your response rates or reduce your expenses. Our model design, creation and development are free of charge with the understanding that an essential element in this process is a reasonable sample of your past two direct marketing campaigns.
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When acting as full-service list brokers, we can provide you with one-stop shopping. Usually at no added cost we can access all postal, email, telephone and mobile lists commercially available. List research is complimentary as is analyzing half-life values and seasonality. Break-even analysis and ROI are also advantages a direct marketer may obtain from us as list brokers.
Effective list management provides maximum exposure to the direct marketing and mailing list industry. Clients achieve increased revenue streams from list marketing and sales promotion programs while at the same time remaining in control by having final say over whom, for what reason and how often their list is commercially used.

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