After many years in direct marketing, a number of people have asked me what it is that makes me love the industry so much. The answer is easy— I love the people! They are smart, friendly, industrious and creative with tons of positive energy. It also helps that I love working with great data— it is the soul of a direct marketer’s promotion, and it fosters success for buyers and sellers alike.
When I did a trek to the Base Camp of Mount Everest a few years ago, I learned how the adventure of a lifetime involved the same kind of teamwork it takes when putting together a direct marketing promotion—cooperation, flexibility, tenacity, endurance, a sense of adventure and a willingness to sample what the locals have to offer. Being a lover of outdoor activities (I’m a skier, bicyclist and golfer), I was thrilled to have achieved my goal of reaching Base Camp as part of a solid team effort and to have done something very few people actually do. And yes, there were plenty of Yaks (and yucks!) along the way!
The thrill of accomplishing that trip was not unlike what I feel when I’m working with my direct marketing clients. I like the excitement and challenge a direct marketing promotion brings. I like the need to attend to detail and to persist in doing whatever is necessary to ensure unmatched client service.
We focus on what really counts: enduring relationships based on trust, integrity and a commitment to creating value. Founded by Jim Healy, a veteran of over 25 years in the direct marketing industry, Healy List Marketing prides itself on providing you with the most accurate and dependable consumer direct marketing data available.

In addition to our own purchase-based transactional database and its group of branded products, we can act as full service list brokers with access to any and every postal, email, mobile and telephone list commercially available-usually at no added cost.

As a purchase-based transactional consumer database company, we use our portfolio of brands to differentiate our products. Each of our consumer branded products is sourced from monthly purchase transactions—credit bureau sources are never included.

We offer a guarantee to hold ourselves accountable to our customers' needs and to produce high quality list data that is consistently rich and consistently accurate.

We do excellent work! We do whatever is reasonably necessary to get the job done by way of open, honest and direct communication. We know the rules and play by the rules, blending the values of responsiveness, integrity, friendship and a strong sense of fair play. We are always evolving as individuals and as a company, and we are totally committed to the long term value of our customer relationships.

The promise of our brands is simple and straightforward: they contain records of individuals with income greater than $75,000 who have made at least two purchases, generally greater than $100, during the past 12 months. These are overlaid with specific purchase areas, demographics and psychographics.

Start today by having a conversation with us about your specific promotions, your marketing programs and your marketing strategies by calling 800-281-8956 or by emailing info@healylistmarketing.com.

Elizabeth Spelman
Vice President
Jim and I met several years ago on the ski slope, and we’ve been friends since.  Our respect for  each other’s abilities and our complementary strengths and skills led to us becoming business partners.   We have a shared vision for the company—to create genuine friendships with clients and vendors, provide the best data possible, and work toward profitable outcomes for everyone.

As a relative newcomer to direct marketing, I’m excited to be bringing my many years of business experience to a new industry.  Trained as an architect, I have worked around the world, developing a love of travel and adventure as well as an ability to work productively with all kinds of people.  I thrive in difficult conditions—whether it’s under a tight timeline or in the face of exacting requirements—and I bring the creative thinking and insistence on accuracy and reliability that I developed during my years as a licensed architect to my work at Healy List Marketing.

Productivity requires a balance between work and free time, so I ski almost every weekend during the winter, and I’m out on my motorcycle or bike during the summer.  I also enjoy hiking, sailing, music, reading, and art.

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