Jim Healy
A uniquely rich response database, Paragon offers records of consumers who are BOTH buyers of merchandise and ALSO paid subscribers to publications in a variety of segmented interest areas.
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These consumers are all product buyers OR paid subscribers to publications in a variety of segmented interest areas.
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Target new prospects and existing customers by integrating the four primary direct marketing channels. Direct Marketers who adopt multi-channel marketing are the most likely to have success.
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HLM customization involves the release and acceptance of your data to us with certain data security agreements.

Additional information about customers offers multi-channel marketers a strategic advantage.
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Lots! For starters, every individual record within our branded products has made at least two purchasing transactions within the past 12 months—so you know the names are fresh and accurate. Secondly, all records are segmented according to behavioral purchasing characteristics—so you can select names that fit specific RFM and segmented purchase area criteria. Thirdly, these individuals earn more than $75,000 per year and spend more than $100 per year using the various direct marketing channels—so you know the names reflect the ability to buy. Finally, the names are purchased-based and multi-sourced-so you know they also have the willingness to buy.

  Healy List Marketing is your source for purchase-based, multi-sourced consumer lists and databases

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